Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gabrielle Christian - Exclusive Interview

Hi Gabby! Gabrielle Christian plays the role of Penelope in Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

Thank you for taking out some of your time to answer some questions about your upcoming role in Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

Q: How was your experience playing the role of "Penelope" in the film? How did you prepare for that role?

Gabrielle Christian: Penelope was such a fun character for me to develop, especially because I had never played a role like her before. I'm usually cast as the "girl next door" and sweetheart, so to play a girl with an attitude and social hierarchy issues was totally fun. I also feel like I was preparing for Penelope for over 3 years before I actually got to play her, as my martial arts training came in handy for both the audition and in booking the role (spoiler alert, shhh!)

Q: What was some of your favorite memories on set?

Gabrielle Christian: I just loved how our Jersey Shore boys/girls always stayed in character, whether they were filming or just walking around the set having a snack. Their accents, hairdos and attitudes were spectacular. I am actually impressed with how committed they were to their roles.

Q: What reactions are you expecting from the audience from the film?

Gabrielle Christian: Lots and lots of laughter....and perhaps a pinch of fear? :)

Q: I have asked this question to all the cast members I have interviewed, simply out of curiosity. Not that we enjoy stereotyping and such, but it is out there. Do you feel there are positive and negative stereotypes because of shows like Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore housewives?

Gabrielle Christian: Totally! We create stereotypes every day, that's just human nature. However, in the end, it's up to an individual to make them positive or negative. I think JSSA shines a great light on stereotypes in a positive way as it conveys the humor and absurdity of it all.

Q: Do you have new projects in the works? If so, where is the best place for your fans to keep up to date with all that information?

Yes! Check 'em out at and @gabychristian on twitter.

Q: Do you have any inspiring thoughts for any of your fans out there that may be interested in becoming an actor?

Gabrielle Christian: Passion and perseverance.

Thank you again Gabby for your time. We look so forward for this film to come out June 9th on the SyFy Network.

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